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LaserWarn is an open system based on patented quantum laser technology that can detect hundreds of toxic and harmful gases such as VOCs, ammonia, phosgene, sarin gas and VX etc. The system can be used to detect gases in the range of thousands of square meters Leaks, fugitive emissions, and chemical hazards can be used both indoors and outdoors.LaserWarn's lasers are safe for the human eye, enabling 24-hour real-time monitoring of leaks and threats of VOCs and toxic and hazardous gases and early warning. The system can detect very low concentrations of gas, the measured target gas once passed through the laser irradiation line, you can be detected within a second time. Compared to FTIR and other traditional point-sensor monitoring networks, the system requires no consumables and maintai...
The FROG5000 applies an innovative MEMS microchromatography + detector modular structure that is powerful and easy to use. Various specified gas content of VOCs, benzene series, hydride, phosphorus, monument, etc. from the trace level ppb to the percentage concentration measurement can be done. FROG5000 is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, built-in memory card, special chromatography software, body and compact portable. Depending on the needs, different injection devices can be configured for measuring gas, liquid and solid samples, as well as an optional dilution unit. widely used in:· Environmental AnalysisIndustrial hygiene and safetyIndoor air quality monitoringProcess AnalysisLaboratory analysisPollution spot testWorking Principle:FROG5000 portable analyzer mainly con...
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