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The Model 8807 is a portable VOCs analyzer based on the GC-FID principle. Both the sampling system and the analysis system are heated to a high temperature. THC and CH4 can be measured separately by column separation and backflushing techniques to calculate the total non-methane hydrocarbons NMHC. Analyzer built-in sampling diaphragm pump can be automatically injected. The instrument can adjust the chromatographic system and set up chromatographic software according to the need, measure the content of the specified kind of gas. Up to 8 specified gas components can be measured separately, except for the total methane. The Model 8807 offers the best solution for the portable detection of VOCs. Products are widely used in industrial sectors, environmental protection and scientific resear...
For continuous source discharge and ambient air monitoringMeasurement methods are strictly followed with CEE UNI EN 13526 - UNI EN 12619 regulationsEasy to use and maintainSeparable methane partBuilt-in zero air supplyBuilt-in widescreen data loggerThe FID detector is a carbon atom counter. The sample was introduced into a micro-flame ignited by hydrogen and air (1:10 ratio), where the charge oxidized by Cx to CO is the proportional carbon content in the sample. The actual concentration is calculated from the calibration using the trace gas mixture. The charge is collected by two polarized electrodes and converted by the circuit to an electronic signal.Instrument DescriptionMod 2001 VOC analyzer's design, development and manufacturing is strictly in accordanced with the provisions of t...
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