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FROG5000 portable GC-PID analyzer

Date: 2018-01-22

The FROG5000 applies an innovative MEMS microchromatography + detector modular structure that is powerful and easy to use. Various specified gas content of VOCs, benzene series, hydride, phosphorus, monument, etc. from the trace level ppb to the percentage concentration measurement can be done. FROG5000 is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, built-in memory card, special chromatography software, body and compact portable. Depending on the needs, different injection devices can be configured for measuring gas, liquid and solid samples, as well as an optional dilution unit. widely used in:

  • · Environmental Analysis

  • Industrial hygiene and safety

  • Indoor air quality monitoring

  • Process Analysis

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Pollution spot test

Working Principle:

FROG5000 portable analyzer mainly contains chromatography, PID detector, injection device and auxiliary unit. The sample is sucked into the instrument via the sampling pump, and after the electronic pressure regulation and volume control system, the carrier gas is fed into the color harmonic column. The sample gas is separated according to different diffusion rates of different gas molecules in the color harmonic column, Sensitivity of the PID detector to detect the gas concentration, the configuration of the chromatographic software can monitor the chromatogram in real time.


  • Can measure gaseous, liquid and soil samples

· 10.6eV PIO detector configuration, MEMS micro-chromatography technology

· Small size, light weight, only 2. 2kg

· Battery life> 9 hours, built-in battery charger

  • Air carrier gas, no special gas

  • Column temperature can be set to achieve a variety of different applications

  • Special chromatographic software, real-time view of the chromatogram, and save

  • Calibration process is simple, easy to use


Measuring range: ppb ~ ppm

Measurement methods: continuous automatic measurement or manual injection

Column: 2.5 or 5.2 m MEMS micro column

Optional detector: 10.6 eV PID

Lower limit of measurement: 0.01 ppb benzene

Measurement accuracy: 1% FS

Response time:<10 minutes

Carrier gas: Zero point air

Weight: 2.2kg

Size: 254mm * 190mm * 368mm

Work software: EllvinTM chromatography software

Memory Card: 1SM card, USB interface

Battery life: 9 hours

Working environment: 0-45. C, 0-95% RH

Output interface: RS232

Gas Analysis:

Continuous gas sample analysis

No need to capture and tank sampling

· Comply with EPA Method T017

Soil analysis:

Integrated purge and trap system

Direct analysis or extractive analysis

· Comply with EPA Method 5030/5035

Liquid analysis:

Integrated purge and trap system

Direct analysis, no need to store samples

· Comply with EPA Method 5030/8021

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