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Model 529 online VOCs analyzer

Date: 2018-01-22

Based on the principle of GC-FID, the Model 529 is heated to a high temperature by the sampling system and the analysis system. THC and CH4 can be measured separately by column separation and backflushing techniques to calculate the NMHC of non-methane hydrocarbons. Analyzer built-in sampling diaphragm pump can be automatically injected. The instrument can adjust the chromatographic system and set up chromatographic software according to the need, measure the content of the specified kind of gas. Up to 8 specified gas components can be measured separately, except for the total methane. According to the need to configure the benzene series separation column, measuring benzene, toluene, xylene and other content.


Working Principle:

529 analyzer using GC-FID principle, hydrogen flame ion detector. After the sample gas enters the analyzer via the sample pump, the column is filled with PQS or a suitable material through a 10-way rotary valve and the methane fraction is separated. The separated CH4 is sent to the FID detector, whose response is processed and stored by the built-in microprocessor. In the second stage of the 10-way rotary valve, the column enters the backflush process while the sample from the total hydrocarbon sample column is introduced into the FID detector to measure the total amount of hydrocarbons (THC). The total non-methane hydrocarbons in the sample are calculated by subtracting the methane component from the total hydrocarbon signal.



Ø measurable low ppm to% of VOCs content

Ø Can measure other specified gas components such as NMHC and benzene series

Ø highly intelligent, simple and easy to use interface

Ø Patented micro-FID technology

Ø wide measuring range, a variety of range optional

Ø Full heat tracing to prevent sample condensation, accurate and reliable measurement data

Ø system automatically diagnosed and found fault immediately display and alarm

Ø Measurement results by the sample changes in oxygen content is small, accurate and reliable measurement

Ø optional mg / m3, ppm and other measurement units


Application areas:

Continuous VOC Monitoring CEMS

Air quality testing

Emergency monitoring

Protective boundary detection ...


Technical Specification:

Ø Detector: FID flame ion detector

Ø Measurement indicators: NMHC, CH4, THC, benzene, toluene, xylene

Ø Range: 0-10 / 50/100/200/500/1000/10000 ppm or custom range

Ø Measurement unit: ppm or mg / m3

Ø The minimum detection limit: 0.02ppm C.

Ø Zero drift: <0.01ppm / 24 hours

Ø Range drift: <0.02ppm / 24 hours

Ø Response time: 20-180 seconds

Ø Injection mode: automatic injection

Ø Linearity: ± 1% of full scale

Ø Measurement accuracy: ± 1% FS

Ø Operating temperature: 0-40 ° C

Ø Output: 0-1VDC, 4-20mA, RS232

Ø Fuel gas: 99.999% hydrogen 30ml / min

O combustion gas: zero air 300ml / min, carrier gas 4.5Bar

Ø Calibration gas: x ppmCH4 + y ppmC3H8, air balance

Ø Size: 480x190x560 mm (19 "x7.6" x22 ")

Ø Weight: 15Kg

Ø Working power: 230VAC ± 10%, 300W

Ø Data storage: save more than 30 days of data, can be exported

Ø Automatic diagnosis: automatic diagnosis of flameout and other failures and alarm

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