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Model 2001 portable VOCs analyzer

Date: 2018-01-22

For continuous source discharge and ambient air monitoring

Measurement methods are strictly followed with CEE UNI EN 13526 - UNI EN 12619 regulations

Model 2001 portable VOCs analyzer

Model 2001 portable VOCs analyzer

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Separable methane part

  • Built-in zero air supply

  • Built-in widescreen data logger

The FID detector is a carbon atom counter. The sample was introduced into a micro-flame ignited by hydrogen and air (1:10 ratio), where the charge oxidized by Cx to CO is the proportional carbon content in the sample. The actual concentration is calculated from the calibration using the trace gas mixture. The charge is collected by two polarized electrodes and converted by the circuit to an electronic signal.

Instrument Description

Mod 2001 VOC analyzer's design, development and manufacturing is strictly in accordanced with the provisions of the European UNI EN 113526 - UNI EN 12619 to do. This rule is intended for the detection of VOC, THC and CH4 concentrations in emissions. During sampling, the sample is drawn through a probe with a ceramic filter, a heating tube at 50 - 180 ° C, and a heat pump. Heated filters are placed in front of the sample capillary. Due to the use of a sampling valve for cycle, the sample will be fed continuously to the FID detector for fast response and continuous operation without any delay cycle. The entire sampling process from the sampling filter to the FID detector is maintained at a controlled high temperature. The methane fraction is finally continuously separated by simple manual insertion into the catalytic converter (via the bypass valve). The catalytic converter converts all organic compounds except methane to CO2, which will not show any response in the FID detector.

Technical Specification

- Measuring range: 0-100 / 1,000 / 10,000 ppm or mg / Nm3 (other ranges to be customized)

- Partial Separation of Methane: Manually inserted into the catalytic converter

- Accuracy: 1% of the full range

- Unit: ppm or mg / Nm3

- Background noise: 0.1 mg / m3

- Minimum detection limit: 0.2 mg / m3

- Zero drift (24 hours):<0.5% of full scale

- Range Drift (24 hours):<1% of full scale

- Response time: T90<1 second

- Time difference: 2 seconds

- Linearity: better than 1%

- Accuracy: ± 1%

- Sample flow rate: 800 ml / min

- Operating temperature: 0-40 C

- Display: 5.5 "color LCD display

- Instrument settings: through the panel operation

- Data Storage: Flash Card & USB

- Data Management: Win 98/2000 / XP system

- Serial output: RS 232 (9-hole connection)

- Gas: 25 ml / min, through an external hydrogen cylinder

- Zero air: 200 ml / min, through built-in air generator

- Recommended calibration gas: 40 ppm methane + 10 ppm propane, remaining air

Installation: portable

- Size: 400x300x l 50mm (16 "x 12" x6 ")

- Weight: 9.5 kg

- Standard power supply: 220/110 Vac 50/60 Hz (subject to advance notice)

- Electricity consumption: 500VA

- Pneumatic connection: 1/4 "or 4/6 mm and 1/8" or 1/2 mm

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