1. Toxicology Labs

- toxicology chamber monitoring:

- odor monitoring for rat and mice

2. Dry Cleaning Industry

- detect perchlorethylene in air and waste water

3. Air Quality

- QC of compressed breathing air tanks, filtered air for clean rooms or computer rooms and air intake to buildings (nuclear& power plants, etc.) to prevent sabotage

4. Transformer oil Breakdown

- gas such as ethylene and acetylene discharge into the oil; can perform headspace analysis for total or specific hydrocarbons

5. Chemical & Gas Storage Cabinets/Areas

- leak detection

6. Filter Mask/Clothing Breakthrough

- research and development on respiratory filters and Protective fabrics for military and hazardous waste industries

7. Universities

- teaching/training aides; research

8. Ventilation Rate Studies

- detection of tracer gases in fume hood and submarine ventilation systems

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