We are a veteran team in process analytical industry with decades’ years of accumulated rich product & application knowledge and experience in Emission monitoring, Hydrocarbon Process, Industrial Gas, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Iron & Steel and other market sectors in China. We offer total solution to our customers including analyzer, integrated system and service&maintenance.

All of our key staffs have ever worked for multinational companies for many years before. We have a very high reputation in China market with track record performance since we ever helped one multinational gas analyzer company to grow their business 7 times within 7 years in China.

Our primary business model is to help small to mid-size process analyzer manufacturers with excellent product and technologies to maximize their business potential and build up their brand awareness in China by leveraging our depth knowledge and rich application experience in process analytical industry as well as our extensive sales & distribution network in China.

The way of our business cooperation with analyzer principles is very unique which is totally different as normal distributorship. Some principles have already enjoyed significant benefits from this business model which have helped them open China market quickly and also increase their company value in the market.

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